Literature from Wales

Literature from Wales

Writing from WalesI’ve come to the conclusion that I should do more to support authors from my home country, many of whom are unknown yet worth getting to know. Readers seem more familiar with authors from Scotland and Ireland than with writers from Wales. I’m going to use this page to try and remedy that. This page will be a series of links to reviews and posts featuring authors from Wales.

Reviews (in alphabetical order of author surname)

Writing Wales posts 

  1. Yay, I’m pleased to see I’ve read one of these titles, (The Elected Member) and also one of the authors (Sarah Waters). In fact I’ve just finished another one of hers and am trying to work out how to write the review…
    I’m sure I’ve read more Welsh authors than that, but *blush* I haven’t been tracking them separately, just all together with the Scots and the Poms under ‘Britain’. I might get round to fixing that one day, but my current ‘blog improvement’ project is to identify the settings of all the novels I’ve read, and it’s taking forever so I’m not starting anything new till that’s finished!


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