Literature from Wales

Your challenge today is to name some Welsh authors

Dylan Thomas, you say? 

Well done. He’s probably Wales’ most famous writer. So maybe not surprising you thought of him first. 

But is that it? No other Welsh authors come to mind?

How about Sarah Waters? Or Cynan Jones? Or Owen Sheers?

It might surprise you to find that these authors are part of the rich literary tradition of Wales. 

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about authors from Wales, this page is a good place to begin. It’s a signpost to content on this blog that relates to fiction from Wales.

Want to discover a Welsh author? 

Welsh authors: Where to begin

If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration take a look at my “80 books from Wales” list. They are not necessarily the best of Welsh writing but is a selection that gives a good representation of authors, past and present, and a variety of genres.

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Get To Know Welsh Authors

Cwtch-Corner: a place to get to know some Welsh authors

I’ve been interviewing authors who live and work in Wales for a series called  Cwtch Corner (the word Cwtch is one used in Wales to mean a cuddle or a cosy corner). Click the link to find all the interviews.

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