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Sunday Salon: New feature on the horizon

As August turns into September, I’m putting the finishing touches to a new feature that I’ll be introducing to this site later this week.

Those of you who follow BookerTalk will know that I’m interested in expanding my knowledge of literature from outside the western societies that seem to predominate in literature. My World in Literature challenge is to read novels by authors from 50 different countries within five years. I started earlier this year by focusing on countries along the Equator and the Prime Meridian. I’ve now completed eight countries (finishing the most recent one from Ghana just this morning).


Deciding which novelists to read has been fun with many recommendations coming from different parts of the world. So I’ve decided to spread some of the wealth of that knowledge with you and hopefully help you to expand your own reading horizons via a new feature I’ve called The View from Here. 

The idea is to ask bloggers from around the world to give an insider’s view of the literary scene in their country. So if you’ve ever wanted to know what people like to read in Sri Lanka, the difference between American and Canadian literature, what books are cooking in Indonesia or whether there is more to Scandinavian literature than Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell, The View from Here , will give you the answers.

If you’re interested in being featured, please let me know – just leave a comment with some info about the country on which you can provide some perspectives. And if you  happen to know of any other bloggers who really should be featured, feel free to alert them and get them to contact me.


What do you need to know about me? 1. I'm from Wales which is one of the countries in the UK and must never be confused with England. 2. My life has always revolved around the written and spoken word. I worked as a journalist for nine years then in international corporate communications 3. My tastes in books are eclectic. I love realism and hate science fiction and science fantasy. 4. I am trying to broaden my reading horizons geographically by reading more books in translation

9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: New feature on the horizon

  • I don’t know whether my views would be representative of India, but I would love to chat some on your blog about Indian authors and books, and currently the very lively book scene in India.

    • And we would love to get a chance to learn more about the Indian scene Nishita.

  • joyweesemoll

    Terrific idea for a feature. I can’t wait to see what you and our international blogger friends come up with.

    • Now you’ve made me nervous in case it doesn’t live up to the promise!

  • What a great idea. I’m very much drawn to non-western literature and would like to read and learn more. Will be looking forward to your series.

    • You might be sorry though if reading these posts leads to an even bigger TBR

  • Yikes, I better get crackin’ with my take on CanLit!

  • Wow, I will be reading your blog with interest as I mostly read American authors.

    • Hope I can help you find some new authors in that case


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