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Shakespeare via the iPad

Just read a short news item about a new App that brings the magic of all Shakespeare’s sonnets to the iPad. The app is a collaboration between Faber and TouchPress. It features a fully annotated Arden text  of each sonnet plus video interviews with scholars. With just a click you can conjure up the Arden notes on a particular word or line and also read a commentary by Don Paterson.

But the feature that has me most excited is the ability to see and hear readings of all 154 via an impressive cast of actors from Dominic West to Patrick Stewart.

There are a few tantalising examples of the readings at

It’s launched on Thursday at the very reasonable cost of £9.99.


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2 thoughts on “Shakespeare via the iPad

  • Thanks for the information about the launch date. I read about this last weekend but when I went to look for it couldn’t find it. I think we overlook the sonnets at our peril. Shakespeare was a successful poet before he found real success in the theatre and never really let the form lie.

    • I searched all the Faber website and tried their Facebook site but no luck so in the end I emailed them and they gave me the info. Strange really that after such a bit piece in the s times, they were not promoting this more visibly


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