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la bete humaineNovember has suddenly become rather attractive. Lovers of Emile Zola’s novels will want their ears glued to BBC Radio later this month when the Beeb begins their new new series, Emile Zola: Blood, Sex and Money. It’s a 27-episode “mash-up” of adaptations from the Rougon-Macquart novel sequence, which traces the fortunes and fates of the Rougon, Macquart and Mouret families. the cycle presents its readers with unflinching stories about power, lust, crime and addiction.

The BBC has adapted the novels into three series. The first instalment will be broadcast every day over an “intensive” week on Radio 4 in November. One of the episodes draws on La Bête humaine (The Beast Within) the 17th book in Les Rougon-Macquart series. It’s a superb psychological thriller about insanity and murder in Paris.

Blood, Sex and Money will witness the return of twice Oscar-winner and former MP Glenda Jackson to acting for the first time in 20 years as well as Robert Lindsay and Georgina Campbell. There will be an accompanying documentary, Blood, Sex and Money: The Life and Work of Emile Zolabroadcast on Radio 4 at 4–4.30pm on 16th of November.

You’ll find some additional info here:

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  1. Oh thanks for the info. I’d like to hear it. Zola is always fascinating.

  2. Zola is a writer I have always meant to read but somehow just never got round to. Perhaps this might be a way in. The Bears and I can make use of listen again facilities to catch it in the evenings.

    • You have quite some treats in store in that case. Be careful The Bears don’t pick up bad habits though; theres a lot of drinking and feasting in these novels

      • I try to discourage drinking, but I’m afraid that they are already past masters when it comes to feasting. Like Pooh, where they’re concerned it is always time for a (not too) little something.

  3. Blood, Sex and Money – what a fantastic title! I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read any Zola so if you were to recommend one to start with which one would it be? Do you think they should be read in sequence or can you bound around in them?

    • You don’t need to read them in sequence – although there are many references to different members of the family each novel stands as a separate entity. The first one Fortune of the Rougons does give you the origins of the family (and what Zola sees as the origins of their later problems with alcohol, debauchery etc). but I didnt read that until I’d read at least 4 others and never felt at a disadvantage Vicky. My first experience was with Germinal which is set in northern france in a desperately poor mining community (its heartbreaking). One of the others you might want to begin with is L’Assommoir which is set in Paris and tells the story of a laundress who falls on hard times.

  4. I’m not sure if I dare try this. I’m such a fan of whole Zola novels I’m worried the mashup element might not work for me. Really excited about the documentary though.

  5. piningforthewest

    Thanks for the information, I had somehow missed it all. I’ll definitely be listening in as I’ve really loved the Zola books which I’ve managed to read so far.

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