The View from Here : Literature From Around the World

viewfromhereThe View from Here is a series which looks at the literature of countries from different parts of the globe from the perspective of local bloggers. So if you’ve ever wanted to know what book lovers in Sri Lanka are reading, which Canadian authors you should read or whether French literature is as strong as in the nineteenth century, this is a series for you.

Countries will be added to this list as the features are published. Click on the country name to see the featured post.


  1. Hi, the above article regarding was really helpful in literature book selection and also I have recently explored website and they have the vast collection of books available in all the categories. Further, the service is really good in the delivery of books.


  2. I love your initiative! If you would like to add Romania to list, do not hesitate to send me an email at georgiana.nenciu257{at}


  3. What a wonderful idea!! Please do include me for a post regarding Japanese Literature, and send me whatever questions you have prepared. xo


  4. Yes I would be very interested to share books from South Korea!


  5. Hello, thanks for passing by sleeplessreader! I’d love to do a post about Portuguese literature 🙂 Send me some details: Alex.


  6. You shall go to the ball Cinderella. I’ll send you an email Cathy…


  7. If you ever want to venture to Northern Ireland, I’m yer girl!


  8. I’d be happy to help you with an Australian perspective at some time 🙂


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