Reading the Prime Meridian

prime meridianThis is a project linked to the Lines of Connection World project aimed at helping me broaden my reading horizons. I aim to read a novel by an author from each of the countries through which the Prime Meridian runs. Authors and titles of books related to each country will get added as I find them.

Suggestions and recommendations will be appreciated particularly for countries whose literary heritage isn’t as extensive or where there isn’t a rich source of novels available in English. There is a sister project – Reading along the Equator.

Progress to date (August 2014): Completed 6 of the eight countries through which the Equator runs. Book titles become links when the reviews are posted

Countries Completed

Countries not yet visited 
  1. I love unusual reading projects like this. Once, in an old book club of mine that had passed the fifty books read mark, I suggested we get out a map and try o come up with how many countries (either by author or setting) our readings had taken us to, but it seemed I was the only one who found that idea interesting… 🙂


    • You said this was an old book club so maybe the fact their interests were not in tune with yours is the reason you are not with them any longer Jay. I can’t say that all the books I’ve read have been enjoyable but some have been real discoveries.


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