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Get Ready For More WordPress Upgrades

The next WordPress Upgrade (WordPress 6.0) is due to be released on May 24. Apart from some bug fixes, the developers are indicating there will be several new features that are meant to enable users more flexibility and customisation options.

I suspect most of the heralded changes will be unlikely to interest to most book bloggers — they’re more targeted at people who want to dig into the technical backroom and customise templates or add functionality that helps them interact with customers. Frankly, many of these changes are way over my head.

But there are a few changes to the block editor that could be helpful to book bloggers so I thought I’d just give you some insight on what to expect with WordPress 6.0.

Change Text Across Multiple Blocks

One big change will be the ability to select and reformat text across multiple text blocks. At the moment if you try to do this , the editing tool automatically makes changes to all the blocks you’ve selected. It will not allow you to change just one line in each block or part of a line. With the upgrade, we should be able to highlight and change specific text across different blocks.

Mock up of formatting across multiple blocks in WordPress 6.0

Lock Reusable Blocks

I’m a big fan of the re-usable blocks feature within WordPress. As I explained in a post I did on this a while back, if you use the same content or image in different posts, then reusable blocks can save you time.

But this feature isn’t without its frustrations. My main gripe is that if I want to make even a small change, to the reusable block, unless I’m very careful, it affects every page on which you’ve used that block.

I know there are plugins that lock the reusable block but I don’t want to install yet more plug ins (and not all users have the ability to add plug ins anyway).

WordPress 6.0 is expected to deliver a fix for this issue.

Miscellaneous Block Changes

Several new blocks are likely to be introduced in WordPress 6.0 such as “post author biography” and “comment form” that you can incorporate into each post.

Block style preview. Under the current WordPress version if you want to see how a particular block will look once live, you have to click on preview. A new block will give you the ability to hover over the block style options in the design tool to see a live preview in the content area.

Border for Columns: The revised columns block will now give an option to place a border around the whole of the block, so the text stands out more.

Gallery Image Spacing: The gallery block could be useful if you want to include several book cover images, for example in a Six Degrees of Separation post. IThe result would look like this:

Gallery layout in WordPress 5.9

It’s clean and neat with every edge perfectly aligned. What I can’t do however is to add more white space between each column or each row. The upgraded gallery block will give the option to increase the spacing between individual images, making it seem less cluttered.

WordPress 6.0 is now out for final testing prior to going live on May 24. Once the new version is available, I’ll be playing around with it and will let you know how I get on.

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