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Sunday Salon – snapshot of the week

Another Sunday and a chance to catch up on the events of the past week. So here’s a quick snapshot from my sunny spot next to some fragrant rose bushes in my garden. I have a cup of Earl Grey tea at my side and some wicked looking raspberrry and white chocolate cheesecake to fortify me for the rest of the day. Naughty I know but I promise to be good tomorrow..

What I’m reading

Just started Heat and Dust, the Man Booker prize winning novel by Ruth Jhabvala. It’s been quite a while since I read anything set in India so I’m experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. Too early to say much about it at the moment though.

What’s new on the blog

I seem to be reading far quicker than I can write the reviews at the moment. I think I have a backlog of about six novels that I’m trying to make inroads into but without a huge amount of success. I’ve not done that well this week, only managing to write one review – The Country Girl which is Edna O’Brien’s memoir. Well worth reading. I did finally get around to answering the Classics Club meme for the month which is about the ability of books to change our ideas – I’m still struggling for a good answer to that one so posted a somewhat flippant article. 

What’s on the horizon?

This Tuesday marks the first step in the process of choosing the 2013 Man Booker prize winner. We’ll get the announcement of which 12 or 13 titles have been long listed from the 120 plus that the five judges have been reading since October. They must be faster readers than I am because there is no way I could get through that number and be able to remember them in sufficient detail to make any kind of educated comment.

And the dreaded question – how is your TBR mountain looking?

Actually it doesn’t look that much different from how it looked a month ago. Although I’ve read four books this month none of them have been from the TBR pile. However I have resisted buying anything new which is a major achievement.

That’s a wrap for this week everyone. Hope you all have a good week ahead of you..

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