Sunday Salon: New adventure starts

After some technical frustrations this week, I’ve finally managed to get connected again in time to catch up with you all.

If you’re in the UK at the moment,  I hope you have something long and cool by your side to help you through this heatwave. It’s typical of this country – we go for months when the weather is anything but the summer sunshine and blue skies we all look forward to and then wham, we go straight into a heatwave with temperatures today around the 30C mark. No middle way here – it’s either cloud and chilly or scorching. No grumbles in my corner however.  I shall enjoy it while it lasts because we Brits all know that this kind of weather don’t stay around too long in these parts.

Enough of the weather you say!. What about the books?? This is meant to be BookerTalk after all. Quite so. And so without further ado let me catch you up on a few literary things.

Today’s headline news is that I’ve just become the moderator for The Complete Booker blog, taking over from Laura (of Laura’s Musings). After six years managing the blog she’s decided to concentrate on other things in her life. Since no-one else stepped forward and I didn’t want to see all that effort go to waste, I volunteered to take over. If you don’t know about this blog, I’m going to quite shamelessly put in a plug or two now and again. If you’re interested in any of the Man Booker prize winners or short and long listed titles, come and take a look at this site.

In other news

And that – as White House press secretary C J Craig says in one of my favourite TV series (West Wing)…. is a full lid for today. See you all same time same place next week.

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