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Sunday Salon: Frustrated by Feedly

Only a month ago I was lauding Feedly as one of the best alternatives to the WordPress feed reader and Google Reader. But the love affair is destined to be short lived unless one of you comes to my rescue.

First sign of a problem came when I sat in a hotel room at the end of a long work day, thinking I’d relax by catching up on some of the blogs I follow. It was not to be. Upon clicking the Feedly app on my iPad I saw the list of recent feeds but each time I clicked on one, Feedly threw a hissy fit and decided it was overloaded. I tried it again when I was home and could use my own wireless connection. Same thing happened.

Then I discovered indirectly that Feedly was ‘enhancing’ its app in preparation for the demise of Google Reader so those  users could seamlessly transfer all their feeds to Feedly.  This enhancement meant re-installing the Feedly app which had the immediate effect of wiping out all the feeds I already had linked. Thank you Feedly! Actually I should thank them twice over because even though they have my email address, they never bothered to tell me this might happen and what I could do to avoid it.

So now I have an app but it’s completely empty.

And I cannot get it to synch with the version of my account on the Internet.

Do I really want to have to maintain two versions of the same Reader? I think not.

Questions to Feedly to ask for suggestions go unanswered. So much for customer service.

I went in search of some helpful info in their Forum. Guess what I found? Nada. Rien. Zilch.

I admit I am not a technology whizz kid but with some reasonable instructions I can get most things to work. But this has me defeated.

So unless anyone reading this has the answer, I’m going to give Feedly the big heave-ho and go back to Bloglovin.





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