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Sunday Salon: A Week of Discoveries

This week saw yet another attempt in our house to control the stack of books that just keeps piling up. I’m convinced that books inhabit some kind of parallel universe in which they have learned how to procreate. How else to account for the fact that some of them just keep multiplying? In the space of 30 minutes I found triple copies of Far From the Madding Crowd and Return of the Native. Doubles I can understand (husband and I probably bought a copy each before we were married) but where did the third one come from and how come neither of us thought to check if we already had it before buying it again.

Buried at the bottom of one box, I found an old edition of the Bloomsbury Good Reading Guide: What to Read Next which gives short summaries of authors (classics as well as contemporary) and highlights the titles considered to be ‘their best’. But they also have this feature that essentially says ‘if you read and enjoyed Middlemarch and want to read another novel in similar vein, try this…’ It could be useful for pointing you to authors you might not have across previously.

Other News this Week

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