An Experiment with Blog Readers

Do you ever get times where you feel like you’re drowning in information?

These days I seem to have more and more of what I call White Rabbit moments. Moments where no matter how much I try, or how fast or I, i feel I’m always behind. My email in box at work is constantly on the verge of its maximum quota. The stack of unread magazines and newspapers on the kitchen table gets higher by the minute it seems. Days have elapsed since the last time I checked the Linked In groups I joined in the hope they would keep me in touch with the latest thinking in the world of public relations and communications. And then of course there are friend’s Facebook and Twitter conversations I’ve missed because I’m too late to the party.

And I haven’t even mentioned blogs yet have I?

I’ve been finding and following sites by other bloggers ever since I started BookerTalk. It started in a fairly small way with just five or six blogs that I visited regularly and left comments on. For me, it’s the feeling of being part of a community that’s the most appealing part of blogging. It’s the chance to discover new authors or titles that I wouldn’t have found myself and also to discuss ideas with people from around the world. But the list of interesting blog sites seem to multiply at an even faster rate than mice. One blogger introduces you to another ‘must read’ site and that one recommends yet another and another.

In the beginning it wasn’t difficult to keep track of them all. As the number I followed grew, I began using the WordPress RSS feedreader. Unfortunately it’s now got to the point where I urgently need a different approach. WordPress Reader I’ve discovered has it’s limitation I’ve discovered.

So I’ve been trying to find a feedreader that would help me aggregate all the blogs I follow in an organised fashion.

WordPress Reader: I like the option to have updates via email as a weekly or daily summary or the instant something is posted. Disadvantage is there’s no way to categorise the blogs stored in the reader. When time is short I just want the option to read updates from the blogs I appreciate the most or ones that contain particular types of content.

Bloglovin: updates are delivered via a daily email. It’s more of a photo stream than a news feed since the update has a picture of the blog and just the first few sentences. To read more you just click on the link. But as with WordPress, there isn’t any option to use categories.

Feedly: this one seems much more sophisticated. It came highly recommended by the techno experts at The Verve. Feedly lets me store feeds into folders, and even pick a different view for each one. So I can separate magazine style blogs from publishers’ blogs for example. I can save individual posts to read later. I can share via Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites should I get that savvy. So far it’s proving a good option though not a perfect solution. For one thing I can’t seem to get the app version on my iPad to synch with the version on my laptop. And despite multitudes of icons giving options to share , email, mark as read etc, the only way to see comments or to make a comment is to click through to the blog itself.

Does anyone have recommendations for other readers I could try?

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