Booker Talk’s Review Policy

I’m happy to consider offers of review books that fit with my reading interests. I tend to focus on these categories:

As a general rule I do not read science fiction, romance, fantasy or young adult.

I am particularly interested in hearing from publishers representing authors based in, or connected with my home country of Wales.

Please note that I do not accept review requests directly from authors or any self-published books

My preference is for print copies or print proofs for review, although I can read e-books if necessary.

My aim is to write fair and objective reviews and to treat authors with respect. This does mean I will comment on aspects I did not enjoy but I will always seek to balance this with elements I did appreciate.

As much as I love reading fiction hot off the press, there are only so many hours in the day that I have to read. And I’m not that fast a reader. So I limit the number of review requests I accept. I hope authors and their publishers will not be offended if I have to say no to a review offer. It’s not a reflection on the quality of the book – simply my way of ensuring I can honour any commitments I make.

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