5 books to woo new readers

Which books are so special they could win over non readers and get them to  fall in love with reading?

That’s the question posed by the organisers of World Book Night 2013.

They want books that would encourage people who are not regular readers, to pick up a book.

It’s a tough question.

I’m thinking there are some must haves:

The chosen books also have to be readable. That doesn’t mean they are ‘easy to read’ or ‘simple’. It does mean they have to be written in a style that is accessible. So no ultra literary or experimentational novels written in stream of consciousness or without punctuation; chapter headings and speech tags.

5 recommendations for World Book Night 

World Book Night

In 2012  more than 70,000 books were delivered free to the hardest-to reach potential readers: people in 110 prisons and young offenders institutes; care homes; hospitals and homeless shelters.

Nominations are now open for titles that will be distributed as part of next year’s World Book Night. The 100 most nominated titles will be reviewed by a selection committee of journalists, authors, publishers and librarians and a final list of  25 titles chosen.

Suggestions can cover any genre of book – fiction or non-fiction, crime, thrillers, romance, sagas, sci-fi, fantasy, classics, literature, poetry, biography, young adult. The only rule is that it can’t be a title or an author that’s already featured in 2012 or 2011.  Register on the website at to take part.

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