Merry Christmas everyone

What a difference a year has made. Last year I was anxiously awaiting surgery to deal with cancer and couldn’t face the idea of a family get together. I chose to,spend Christmas very quietly at home with my husband, the first time in almost 35  years of marriage we hadn’t gone to our family or hosted them at our place.

One year later the surgery is over, the cancer has gone and I’m bouncing back. Time for me to play host again and to suffer all the anxieties that go with that. Should I put the turkey in a brine bath or cook it sitting on a base of vegetables?  How do you get sprouts to taste of anything other than sulphur (you can tell I am not a lover). What are the rules of Black Jack again? Is it possible for six people to play Scrabble for an hour without an argument about what constitutes a proper noun?

Whether you are spending Christmas in your own home or with friends and family, marking the festive season with a BBQ on the beach or in front of a cosy fire, I hope you have a wonderful time. And may your tree be laden with bookish goodies….


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