How To Be An Organised Blogger

Day 15 of the A-Z challenge.

O is for Order & Organisation

Type “how to be organised” into the Google search book, and you’ll get millions of results about how to bring order to your life.

They all pretty much say the same thing:

  1. Set your goals
  2. Make a to-do list
  3. Prioritise.
  4. Touch things once.
  5. Delegate where possible.
  6. Have a system to track progress.

If you’re the type of person who operates to those principles, I salute you. I would rate “good effort” on number 1, merit a gold star for number 2 but only a “must do better” on numbers 3 and 6. Since Booker Talk is largely a one woman band, I’d get to skip number 5.

It’s a topic I’ve been asked to include in this A2Z book blogging series. But clearly I am not the best person to be writing about how to be an efficient and organised book blogger.

Friends, I have come up with a cunning plan.

There are some bloggers whose organisation skills are far superior to my own. Why not get them to write this post I thought! Cheeky eh??

The three bloggers featured here have developed good mechanisms to make sure they are posting reviews and other contents regularly. You may not read as many books as they do, nor have as many commitments for blog tours and review copies. But following even a scaled down version of their systems, could be of help.

Karen @ Kaggsy’sBookishRamblings

I avoid the pressures of blogging by scheduling posts ahead. I keep a monthly paper calendar where I plan reviews to be scheduled and dates, usually with a gap of a couple of days in between, then set aside time when I have a few hours spare and a few books to review, and write them all in one go.

WordPress allows you to schedule posts for a specific date and by having a couple of weeks of reviews ready to be published, I don’t feel so pressured to write about a book immediately if real life is busy. 

Linda@ Linda’s Book Bag

My technique for keeping track of reviews for blog tours is a belt and braces approach.

I have a dated spreadsheet with reviews needed highlighted in red, draft reviews in yellow and completed ones in green. I also have a blogging A5 diary with post it notes sticking out of the pages when I need to review as well as a Moleskin diary that I use for personal things as well as blogging.

On top of that, I stack books for immediate review in date order next to the bed! The spreadsheet has date, title, author, author Twitter handle, publisher, publisher Twitter handle and who contacted me about the book.

I did try keeping a publication date spreadsheet too, but so many publication dates have moved this year I’ve abandoned it!

Oh, and as soon as I’ve read a book, I draft a review before I begin reading the next.

Shelleyrae@ Book’dOut

Over my ten years of book blogging I’ve developed a review scheduling system that works for me.

My first step is to add the book to my Goodreads account, placing in the appropriate shelves eg. ARC, Netgalley, Edelweiss, Publisher etc. As a Goodreads librarian it’s also convenient to be able to enter ARCs into the database.

The second step is to add the book to a calendar app (iCalendar) on my iPad. I choose a date I’m planning to have the review appear on Book’d Out and use a colour code system so it’s easy to ‘read’ at a glance, for example the initial entry is blue, I change it to pink once I’ve read it, and then green once it’s reviewed and scheduled for publication.

My third step is to add it to the Review Schedule page on my blog which is just a list sorted by year and month of publication. After the review has been published, I add a link to the post on my blog.

The next step is to add the cover to my scheduled monthly book haul post, which I call Bookshelf Bounty.

The final step is to add the book to the cataloguing software I use, BookCollectorz. This software, among other things, lets me specify where I can find the book eg on a specific shelf if it’s a paperback, on my Kindle or Bluefire App etc

Writing it all out like this makes it seem like scheduling is a lot of work, but it’s simply a habit after so long and helps to keep me organised and on track.

Let Me Ask You A Question

How do you keep organised in your blogging life? Are there any tools you use or do you rely on your memory? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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