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Which is better – GoodReads or Library Thing?





I joined both Goodreads and Library Thing a few months ago, only because I kept seeing these on other people’s blogs so thought they would be good communities in which to get involved. But I’ve not really done much with them – partly because I don’t fully understand how they work and also because I’m not sure which would suit my interests/needs the best.

By good fortune, I’ve been given a helping hand this last week. Firstly, Laura at Musings introduced me to the idea of tutored reads which are available at LibraryThing. (thank you Laura!) Unlike ‘readalongs’ there is no set timetable for these which is great because I don’t want to feel I have to read a certain number of pages by a certain date. I have enough deadlines at work thank you.  For those of you interested, there are some tutored reads within the 75 books in 2012 group.

And then I found an excellent review on Book Riot (which is a site I am getting to like more and more) in which Good Reads and Library Thing were compared – the two posts consider aspects such as ease of use, cataloguing and indexing, quality and range of groups, who the users are etc.

While both sites have their pluses and minuses, the conclusion I drew was that Good Reads is a bit like Facebook but if you want more ‘serious’ discussion, then Library Thing is probably the better option. So that’s the one that I’ll be using most – if any of you are users of LibraryThing and want to connect, I’m known as Mercury57 on that site.

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