Classics Club – ringing the changes

Hooray, the Classics Club has reinstated its monthly question after a gap of many, many months. Although sometimes they were a bit tough to answer, they did make me pause and think about what I was reading from my list and why.

The latest question is:

“Have you made changes to your list since you first created it? If you added any new titles or removed some, why did you make those changes?”

The simple answer is that I seem to be constantly tempted to fiddle and tweak my Classics Club list to fill in gaps in my reading experience (often the result of  a reference in another blog). I’ve also removed a few that were, on reflection, titles that felt more like work than pleasure

This year I’ve made two revisions, adding far more than I removed. Added to the list were:

I deleted from the list The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov after hearing details of this book in Andy Miller’s A Year of Reading DangerouslyI’m not a great fan of the kind of magical elements found in that book.

I may well make further changes before August 2017 which is the date by which I’m meant to have read 50 of the titles.

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