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Books With One Word Titles: Top Ten Tuesday

It’s yonks since I last did a Top Ten Tuesday topic but this week’s prompt isn’t going to demand much brain power, so let’s give it a go.

The topic is “books I’ve read with one-word titles.” I was spoiled for choice that I decided to challenge myself with two self-imposed rules:

Drift by Caryl Lewis

This has just been named as the Wales Book of the Year, an award that is richly deserved. This is a highly atmospheric and haunting tale set alongside the Welsh coastline.

Latecomers by Anita Brookner

No-one captures loneliness quite like Brookner. This novel is the tale of two Jewish refugees who meet at a boy’s boarding school and remain friends for 50 plus years. Review is here

Beartown by Fredrik Backman

I never thought I would appreciate a book that features sport. Fortunately this novel is more about a town that takes sides when a crime is committed. It’s a thought-provoking tale. Review is here

You by Phil Whittaker

A father recounts his emotions as he travels towards the daughter he has not seen for seven years. The novel is a plea for more justice for fathers separated from their children as a result of divorce. Review is here

Wilderness by B E Jones

Look out for the Netflix adaptation of this thriller featuring a vengeful wife. It’s coming to your small screen soon. Review is here

Milkman by Anna Burns

This novel set amidst The Troubles in Ireland, is one of the strongest winners of the Booker Prize in recent years. See my review here.

West by Carys Davies

The shortest title in my list but don’t let its length fool you. Carys Davies packs oodles of emotion and atmosphere in this tale of a widowed settler who sets off on an expedition from his Pennsylvania mule farm in search of animals whose gigantic bones had been discovered in a swamp. Review is here

Love by Hanne Ørstavik

An intense novel that looks at the relationship between a mother and child. Ørstavik’s narrative forces us to think whether a mother’s responsibility extends only to meeting a child’s physical needs. My review is here

Little by Edmund Cary

Cary’s fictionalised account of the life of Madame Tussaud is an extraordinary story of survival. My review is here.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

I rarely read memoirs but when I do I want them to be as thought-provoking as this one. Michelle Obama’s open and honest account of how it felt to be a First Lady was interesting but it was what she had to say about the experiences that shaped her and influenced her attitudes that had the most impact. Review can be found here.

Now you’ve seen my list, what one word titles would be on YOUR list???

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