Booker Prize Long List Draws Closer

The judges are getting close to the time when their long list selection for the 2012 Man Booker prize will be announced.

The judges have more than 100 titles to read from which they’ll select 12 or 13 titles (names will be announced in July) and then the six shortlisted titles in September. The big fanfare comes in October when the Man Booker prize winner will be announced.

Now I think of myself as an avid reader and a fairly quick one at that. But the thought of having to read more than 100 novels in less than seven months, would terrify me. I could possibly manage it if a) I gave up work and b) stopped doing domestic stuff like gardening, ironing, cleaning etc etc. But these judges are still active in their own professions whether acting or academia. So it begs the question for me – how much do they actually read as opposed to skimming? And if they do actually read them, how much can they retain in order to be able to debate the merits of each with their fellow judges?

Would love to be a fly on the wall of some of their discussions. “Was that the one where …….”

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