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Book Spine Poetry: Beginner’s Luck?

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The poetry module was the one I hated most in a creative course I took about ten years ago. I sweated and swore a lot over that assignment convinced I was going to get a very low mark, or even a fail. Amazingly I not only passed but ended up with a distinction. No idea how that happened but not wanting to tempt fate I never tried my hand again at writing poetry.

Cathy’s recent post on spine poetry at has inspired me to give it another shot. By coincidence the title she chose – Nocturnes – happens to be the name of the book I read in the last few days. The stars were in alignment it appeared.

Since many of the books I used are on my e-reader, I can’t give you a photo of the actual spines. I’m having to make do with the cover images instead.


Tender is the night,

Whispers on the wind, long shadows

as the women lay dreaming.

English music behind closed doors;

sunlight on a broken column;

the murmur of bees;

the gift of rain.

Our souls at night 

under another sky.

All this I will give to you, beloved.

Never let me go.

Not sure what my former creative writing tutor would have thought of this but I’m chuffed that I managed to cycle back to Ishiguro at the end. Perhaps it really was beginner’s luck!

This was great fun and the perfect distraction activity for a weekend. Annabel and Rebecca  have been getting their creative juices flowing so why not join in

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