Armchair BEA: Curtain Down

Last day of Armchair BEA for 2013 and a chance to recap on the experience. Last year I dipped into the week since it had already started before I discovered it was on and then I didn’t really understand how it worked.

This year I got far more involved by posting on at least one of the featured topics each day and looking at some of the other contributors.

Day 1: Introduction

Day 2 Genres

Day 3:Literary Fiction 

Day 4: Non Fiction

Day 5 Children’s Literature 

I enjoyed having the topics as prompts to get the brain working . At first it was hard to think of some non fiction books since I don’t read that many. Now the post is done of course I can think of loads more I should have listed as recommended reads including:

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell; very readable book on why trends begin. Read it to find out whether you are a maven or maybe an early adopter

Wild Swans – how could I possibly have forgotten about that one having recommended it to so many people in the past

Mao’s Last Dancer – the true life story of a boy’s rise from small village in China to become a world class ballet dancer


I’ve also ‘met’ many new bloggers who have introduced me to some new authors for my world literature challenge and discovered a new way to use Google to create a virtual map of all the places I visit on my reading trip – take a look at this from The Relentless Reader My own efforts are pretty feeble at the moment but will get around to sharing  my version at some point.


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