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Announcing Meet A Welsh Author

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll know that I love to fly the flag for literature from my native country of Wales. We have so many talented authors yet few people (even those who live within Wales) know about them.

As a way of changing that, I’m going to start running a series called “Meet A Welsh Author” where authors get to answer 10 questions about the authors they’d love to invite for a drink, the books and authors you’ll never find them reading and the books they most often recommend.

It’s an updated version of something I did a few years back but fell in abeyance as other things in my life took over. It was called Cwtch Corner then, in Welsh the word cwtch means a small cubbyhole but it also denotes a form of affection, love and caring. Cwtch Corner was meant to symbolise the warm welcome I like to extend to Welsh authors on BookerTalk.

I’m changing the name now to “Meet A Welsh Author” which I think will make it easier for readers to understand the content of the articles. The name is changing, but the sentiment is definitely not going away. By the way, credit for this new name goes to Lisa @ANZLitLovers who has allowed me to piggyback on the “Meet An Aussie Author” series she has been running for many years.

The first Meet A Welsh Author post will be published tomorrow, featuring debut author Mike Lewis. I hope you enjoy discovering more about him.

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